Scuba Diving Nassau, New Providence Bahamas with Sandals Royal Bahamian

, Scuba Diving Nassau, New Providence Bahamas with Sandals Royal Bahamian

Cruise Ship Dive Trip Planning

Every time we take a cruise to Nassau, we try to figure out how to get in some diving. We have had great luck with diving with Royal Caribbean at their private island Little Stirrup – Coco Cay. Every time we dive there; we see something exceptional; we’ve seen moray eels, conch, spotted eagle rays, and even mating octopi. But Nassau is the tricky dive spot. So far, we have dove a couple of times with Stuart Cove’s. It’s a bit of a ride across the island, which allows for some wonderful viewing of the sights along the way. You might see a wedding party as you pass the resorts, or a glimpse of Orange Hill where scuba divers like to stay, or even a pass by the airport. However, we are still trying to dive with an outfit based on the East end of New Providence in order to enjoy the various dives closer to that end of the island. My search has brought me to Sandals Royal Bahamian as a possibility.

Why We Are Considering Day Diving With Sandals

Full disclosure; we haven’t done this yet, but I’m so excited about the possibility that I wanted to see if anyone else has dove with Sandals from a cruise ship. We recently enjoyed three different cruise dives. One was to the “ABC’s” of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. Spectacular diving. Next we visited “The Saints” and dove St. Lucia and St. Kitts. We had a dive scheduled for San Juan, but that was canceled due to weather. Most recently, we dove Grand Cayman and Cozumel, and had some of the best Cozumel diving we’d ever experienced. On this last trip, we met several other people diving while cruising. Usually we are the only ones doing this, so it inspired me to keep plugging away at finding something special out of Nassau.

As I said, we’ve dove several times with Stuart Cove’s, love the ride across the island, have had great dives on the Southwest end of the island, but are ready for some East side dives.

, Scuba Diving Nassau, New Providence Bahamas with Sandals Royal Bahamian

Sandals Dive Pass

Sandals resorts have a couple types of day passes. Some resorts have day passes, some have evening passes, and some have full day/evening passes. I thought we would need one of these to go dive with Sandals, but they say that is not the case – I can purchase a “dive pass.”

While scuba diving is included when you stay at a Sandals resort, if you are planning to only be with them a day without needed the on-site amenities, you can purchase a dive pass for a day.

The representative I spoke to recommended calling close to the date you will be in port, maybe a day or two in advance, or even 8:00 a.m. the day of your port day in Nassau. They offer a limited number of dive passes based on availability; so there is no guarantee. You cannot pre-purchase or pre-reserve a dive pass; it’s a walk-ons only. The phone number to call is 242-327-6400.

Here is the list of Dive sites with Sandals Royal Bahamian. They look phenomenal!

Information on their dive boats can be found here. I have read they are well-maintained. Some additional general information on scuba diving at Sandals is here. It looks like they have morning and afternoon dives, and even night dives.

Price Comparisons for a Week on New Providence

Formerly, I looked into the difference in cost of diving from an all-inclusive resort vice DIY at an Airbnb on New Providence – here’s that article – Diving An All-Inclusive Resort Compared With a Self-Led Airbnb Scuba Trip Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas. This article is an incredibly thorough comparison of several options for a week of diving in New Providence, including food, lodging, transportation – all the details.

Price Comparisons for a Week in Bonaire Versus Roatan

I do love a cost comparison breakdown to wrap my head around expenses – here’s one to compare Bonaire and Roatan: Diving Bonaire versus Roatan // Comparing Expenses for a Week in December 2020.

, Scuba Diving Nassau, New Providence Bahamas with Sandals Royal Bahamian

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