Provisioning for a 21-Day Sailboat Trip from St. Augustine to Abacos, Bahamas

Provisioning for a 21-Day Sailboat Trip from St. Augustine to Abacos Bahamas, Provisioning for a 21-Day Sailboat Trip from St. Augustine to Abacos, Bahamas

Meal Planning, Food for Crossing the Gulf Stream, Leftovers

For an upcoming sailboat journey, I needed a complete plan for feeding four people while underway, anchored, and docked. My method was to front-load the menu with the most perishable items scheduled first, then progress to more frozen foods as they would thaw, then canned and dry foods. Another consideration was to use the previous night’s meal for each day’s lunch. In addition, days of heavy travel required easy-to-fix meals so no one had to remain below for too long. One of the American Sailing 104 Bareboat Cruising Certification tasks is to: Plan a menu and create a provisioning list for a one-week cruise. This would satisfy that requirement!

Wed June 1Thurs June 2Fri June 3Sat June 4Sun June 5Mon June 6Tues June 7
St. Aug Load Boat38 hrs to Ft. PierceThurs 6am to Fri 2pm10:30 a.m. depart Ft P11:00 a.m. arrive OBBOBB to Great Sale 13hrsGreat Sale All Day
Breakfast190 miles @ 6kts = 32 hrsseas = oatmealseas = oatmealcerealseas = oatmealcerealcereal
Snack190 miles @ 5 kits = 38 hrsapple / banana / bartrail mixapple / banana / bartrail mixapple / banana / bartrail mix
LunchPublix subs
chicken fajitas onion
steak sandwich w/ tomato
& lettuce / potato salad
conchy on shore
fishy on shore
cold cuts sandwiches
conchy on shore
fishy on shore
Snackcheese and crackerstortilla chips salsacowboy cavair scoopscheese and crackersChili-stuffed poblanostortilla chips salsa
Dinnertakeouts2 lb pre-cook chicken
reheat broccoli
reheat cooked rice
baked potato
green beans
ground beef tacos (pre)
h shells, refried beans, rice
tomato avo onion lettuce
pork chops
corn on the cobb
seasoned rice
chicken cordon bleu
cous cous
brussels sprouts
beef & veg pot pie
homemade crust
peach crumble
Wed June 8Thurs June 9Fri June 10Sat June 11Sun June 12Mon June 13Tues June 14
Sale to Allans 7 hrsAllans-Nunjack 4 hrsNunjack to GTC 2 hrsGreen Turtle Cay All DayGTC to Guana 4 hrsGuana to HopeTn 2.5 hrsHope Town All Day
Snackapple / banana / bartrail mixapple / banana / bartrail mixapple / banana / bartrail mixapple / banana / bar
Lunchbeef & vegetable pot pie
peach crumble
penne w veggies and
black beans
conchy on shore
fishy on shore
conchy on shore
fishy on shore
BLT sandwiches
conchy on shore
fishy on shore
conchy on shore
fishy on shore
Snackroasted chick peashummus & pita chipssalami wrapped cheesekettle corngold fishpistachioscocoa almonds
Dinnerbeef taco bowls, pico, lime
rice, beans, beef, cheese,
conchy on shore
fishy on shore
chicken corn chowderconchy on shore
fishy on shore
conchy on shore
fishy on shore
chicken casserole
squash casserole
conchy on shore
fishy on shore
Wed June 15Thurs June 16Fri June 17Sat June 18Sun June 19Mon June 20Tues June 21
Hope – Spanish 8 hrsSpnsh – Sale 7 hrsSale to Memory 9 hrsMemory to Ft P 11 hrsFt Pierce to Canav 11 hrsCanav to St Aug 20 hrs
Breakfastcerealcerealcerealseas = oatmealseas = oatmealseas = oatmeal
Snackapple / banana / barcocoa almondstrail mixbeef jerkyginger snapscocoa almonds
Lunchcanned chicken salad
cous cous salad
canned ham salad
chickpea salad
black bean chiliboxed mac & cheesetuna salad sandwich/crackerschicken salad sandwich/crackers
Snackpistachiosbeef jerkypirate booty cheese puffginger snapspirate booty cheese puffginger snaps
Dinnersomething conchy on shore
or something fishy on shore
something conchy on shore
or something fishy on shore
boxed mac & cheesebaked ham
green bean casserole
BreakfastsBreakfastsBring From HomeDry Goods Shopping
Bakery / Cheese / Dairy ShoppingFruit and Veg ShoppingMeats Shopping
Crew 1 cream & sugar2/3C milk x 3 peopleRice, Olive Oil, mayonnaise1 box sugar in the rawpk of 6 fajita wrapsbroccoliFz chicken breast 20 lb
Crew 2 milk/cream & sugar2 cups of milk a daysalt pepper vinegar10 box parmalat, 1 box oatmealloaf sandwich breadbag apples4 steaks
Crew 3 raw sugar20 days = 40C milkflour sugar brown sugar5-6 Big Boxes Cerealsour cream sachetsbunch bananas4pork chops
Me powdered half&halfCup of milk 8 ouncescinnamon nutmeg paprika1 cylinder oatmealsliced cheese for snacksyellow onions, red onionsFZ ground beef 5 lb
Crew 1 cereal or oatmealParmalat 32 ouncescanned peas, corn, spinach4 bags asst trail mixsliced cheese for sandwlettuceham in a metal tin
Crew 2 cereal or oatmealParmalat box 4 cupscan squash pineapple chilitortilla chips, and scoopssliced meat for sandw4 tomatoesbacon
Crew 3 cereal or oatmealBox = 2 days of milkcan tuna, chicken, beefsalsa, refried beans, pita chipspacket of ham slicedavocadosbeef jerky
Me protein drinkNeed 10 boxes Parmprep mix brownies, cookies2-3 box of cous coussliced swiss in packet8 potatoesnon-fridge pepperoni
3C cereal or oatmeal/day45C cereal 15 daysprep mix crusts, pizza dough6 box cracker, 4 bag chipscheddar cheese shreds6 corn on the cob
1 container sugar in the raw1.5C oatmeal 5 dayscan chick peas, carrot, tom zuccgoldfish, kettle corn, pistachioparmesan shredsbrussels sprouts
2 can green beans, mush soupbox mac & cheese for 6-8salami wrapped cheesecilantro, limes
canned pizza sauce, chilijar jalapeno, fried onionsshelf pepperonigreen beans
cheap ginger snaps, coco almondsgeneric ritz crackers, pirate bootypicklesfour poblano peppers
penne pasta, cheese puffs
Provisioning for a 21-Day Sailboat Trip from St. Augustine to Abacos Bahamas, Provisioning for a 21-Day Sailboat Trip from St. Augustine to Abacos, Bahamas

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