Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag

Whenever we cruise, I very purposely include a medium-sized bag for the Day at Sea so that I can save on trips back to the cabin. Here’s what to include for those casual or those back-to-back activity-laden days.

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag

Cruise Card, Sea Pass Card, Ship Card in a Stylish Holder

This should be the very first thing you reach for when you plan to leave your cabin, because it is your everything. It’s your room key, it’s your credit card, it’s your identification card, and it gets you towels and into places like the gym or special places if you are a frequent cruises.

Why not put it in a snazzy holder, like this one by Teskyer, that also will hold a couple bills for the casino, or whatever else you need!

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag


Yes, that’s the very first thing I toss into the bag. You know how you think you are just going to go check out the spa deck, and then you find yourself strolling the promenade, and then you’re… you get the idea.

Always, since whatever I put on my body ends up in the ocean, rivers, streams, I use a reef- and coral larvae-safe sunscreen. My preferred one is from Stream2Sea because not only is it ocean-safe, but also human-safe.

Stream2Sea is a mineral sunscreen, non-nano, and without any of the chemicals banned in many vacation destinations. And if that all was not enough; the containers are completely biodegradable, made from sugar cane resin. Don’t get sent to the sunscreen police! Use code “KimW” for 10% off your order.

If you are cruising with Virgin Voyages, you’ll be pleased to know that Stream2Sea is their official sunscreen partner on board the “Scarlet Lady,” and at The Beach Club at Bimini.

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag


Fashion plus function in sunglasses – and I want both. I never take entirely new sunglasses since they are not yet tested for several important considerations. Also, I don’t take expensive ones that might get lost or damaged. Have some fun, wear something different and crazy!

They must not hurt my nose, they must not pinch or slip off. Also, until you have worn them several hours, you don’t know if they irritate the tops of your ears, or if they are too loose or too tight and will give you a headache.

Another benefit of taking older glasses is that if they get lost or sat upon; you haven’t just ruined your very best, very newest pair! These polarized UV400’s are from Sojos. They have over 1,500 customer reviews – 84% positive!

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag


You are going to want to have a hat. The sun not only comes from above, but also from all angles by reflecting, so a wide-brimmed one is great.

If it has a string or leash, that is great too since it can be windy up on deck. There are some styles that roll into small bundles; they are very convenient for packing. Look for fashionable straw hats that feature a pretty ribbon, sweatband, adjustable strap, and a detachable chin strap. Furtalk has a beautiful affordable one that is UPF50, foldable, high sun protection constructed of paper straw.

The packing hack for bringing a nice wide-brimmed staw hat is to simply pack all around them in your luggage. You can either fill the crown with soft clothing, and place it at the bottom of your bag and then pack all around and over the brim. Or, you can place it upside-down, and pack clothing all around the bottom and then fill the crown.

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag


It does not matter where I am going, I might have a wait or a break, so a book comes with me. If it’s a long cruise, maybe two!

If I know I am going to be purchasing a few items, I might bring a paperback that I can jettison in the ship’s library for the next reader. A book that has something to do with my destination is preferred.

For a long cruise, I like to bring a Kindle. I bring a Paperwhite for reading by the pool, and my color one for reading indoors in low light. Without wifi, you will need to make note of where you left off and just go to that page when you switch devices. No big deal. The 2 Oz. Backpacker is light…

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag

Pen and Paper

Always, always, I have a pen and paper – I might need to jot down a note, give someone a piece of information, quickly write a reminder. You can use this also for leaving a “where we went” note on someone else’s cabin door!

We love the Rite in the Rain series – the weatherproof pens can write on nearly anything, the all-weather paper is brilliant! Take a magnet…

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag

Digital Camera

You can’t ever go anywhere anytime on vacation without a camera! As soon as you do, you will see something picture-worthy! We’re now carrying an Olympus TG-5 since it’s inexpensive and waterproof. So far, it takes fantastic photos!

While your cell phone probably has a fantastic camera, and has the ability to upload instantly to social media, it’s probably a lot more expensive than a good digital camera. Plus, a good digital camera can communicate with your cell phone through wifi without an outside wifi connection – so – you can have all your digital camera photos on your cellular phone instantly.

Which would you rather lose while hiking in another country? Which would be easier to replace, and less expensive to replace?

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag

Cell Phone in a Waterproof Case

Decades ago, you might have left your cell phone in your cabin.

However, these days, with the cell phone serving several functions, I always toss it in the bag. I can jot down notes even when there is no service, I can take photos, and I can use maps of the ship from apps.

The one thing you cannot do without is a reliable case. Of all the research I have conducted, and all the cases I have used in my job as a boat captain, the Lifeproof Fre is by far the best. It has the toughest front plate, a solid back plate, and I can tell you, I have put the charging port latch through several years of constant use.

Here’s 9 Free Offline Maps for Android And iOS – No Internet Data Connections that will give you some ideas for how to use offline maps wherever you travel.

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag

Water Bottle

This one from Hydrapak is so easy to pop into my bag; it’s the size of a hockey puck! While you cannot refill directly from a fountain on the ship, you can fill a multi-use cup, then fill your portable bottle.

It saves you from accidentally knocking over your glass onto your book or reading device, and encourages you to stay hydrated. This one is the 750ml version, in Malubu Blue. It is a very convenient size, BPA-free, 50% lighter than hard bottles, large mouth for easy fill, and collapses to 1/4 its filled size.

For travel to Cuba, we did get the Hydrapak Stash 1 Liter Collapsable Bottle with the even larger mouth that fits perfectly with our Katadyn Hiker Microfilter Water Filter.

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag

Cover Up

Grab some type of a cover up – you’ll want it when moving around the ship for modesty, and you’ll want it when you are going through areas that are air conditioned heavily.

Also, it’s a good idea for when you’ve had enough sun, but want to be outside enjoying the breezes. One with SPF is great to use by the pool and again when you go onshore!

This one is so cute, you can wear it as a coverup, shirt, or even a dress. Bsubseach Swimsuit Cover Up Short Beach Dress comes in black or white, and the link reveals several other adorable options! Looks like a far more expensive brand.

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag

Chair Clips

Oh, the uses these things have! While designed to keep your towel on your chair – very nice for when you are just sitting down, and that is the moment your towel moves.

They are also great for keeping your spot in your book when you head to grab an ice cream by the pool. Even if you are not using a towel, they are great for attaching whatever would blow away. You can use them to keep your hat from skittering across the deck, your cover up from blowing away, as well as the day’s printed program.

Back in the cabin, they’re great for helping hang wet suits. I chose these set of nine Aluminum Alloy Beach Chair Clips because although all the margaritas and toucans are adorable, they are plastic construction. Or, Zicome offers a set of six.

These are far more durable, won’t corrode or rust, are lightweight, and, equally importantly, recyclable. All nine together weight ten ounces, so about an ounce each instead of three ounces for plastic varieties. Also, they are far more economical at about a quarter the price of the plastic variety.

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag


No laughing – but when you are strolling around, and suddenly the rock-climbing wall has no line… now’s your chance! Unless you have to go all the way back to your cabin and return, and by then, there will be a line again.

Be ready for last-minute rock climbing or trampolining and place a pair of teeny tiny socks in your day bag. You can even use one of the socks to keep your camera or cell phone protected.

If you think you’re going to be considering the zip line; you better toss in a pair of lightweight, packable shoes as well! These Vintage Cruise Ship Socks are guaranteed to make you – and others – smile.

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag

Oh, wait! These Funny Novelty Crazy Socks look like a Royal Caribbean boat – but which one? If you know, leave it in the comments below!

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag

Hair Thingy

Just toss one in there! You will use it for your book, to mark your glass, to secure your cruise pass card to your clothing, repair a bathing suit strap – and even to keep your hair in check.

So, these invisibobbles – this is the bronze variety. They don’t leave kinks in your hair due to the uneven pressure they exert on the pony tail. Once you’re finished lounging by the pool, it comes back into service for that night’s elegant updo.

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag

Charging Cable or Portable Charger

Hopefully the cable for your phone and your book reader is the same. If not, oh well – they don’t take up much space at all, and when your book gets low on power, you can easily find a spot to quickly recharge.

Bringing a portable charger saves you even having to move a muscle to find an outlet. You can charge it in your cabin each night so it’s ready for the day.

This one is insanely small – and compatible with iPhone, Samsung, your MacBook, and more. Made by Charmast, this might be the smallest, lightest power bank I’ve ever seen. It can produce over three iPhone charges! It can charge two to three phones at once, however, only one at a time on quick charge mode. Weighs 9.6 ounces, and loads of great reviews.

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag

Lip Balm

Either from the added exposure to sun, or the increased exposure to air conditioned air, your lips are likely to become dry. A tube of lip balm takes up nearly no space in your bag, and if it has a spf, you can use it to put a quick swipe on your nose to keep from burning.

Make yours one with all-natural ingredients, like Stream2Sea’s which contains Green Tea, Tulsi, Wakame and Olive Leaf, as well as cocoa butter, Aloe and Calendula. Smells and tastes like matcha green tea – a very pleasant way to soothe your lips! Stream2Sea has generously given me a discount code “KimW” for you to use at the checkout at checkout to save 10%.

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag

What Else?

Sometimes I keep a bit of cross-stitch in my day bag so I can work on a fun project while watching the water go by. I have seen people bring Soduko or word puzzles. A couple small bills might be appropriate to stash in your day bag if you anticipate wanting to tip someone with paper currency.

, Cruising Day At Sea // Stocking Your Day Bag

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