Deep Water Happy is a Florida-based lifestyle blog designed to emphasize attainable and inspirational everyday lives with a special focus on the subjects of diving, cruising, travel, and lifestyle. By incorporating athletic pursuits and travel with an emphasis on safety, Deep Water Happy is an online destination for active people hoping to enrich their own lives through personal accomplishments and experiences. I’m Kim, a travel and lifestyle blogger, writer, photographer, and lover of anything outdoors.

I began writing when I was seven, and published in Cruising World Magazine an article about my family’s summers spent cruising the Bahamas, and the bats of Little Harbor. From then, I served on all my elementary, middle, high, and college school newspaper staffs, as well as wrote features for our local newspaper.

During high school, I saved up my babysitting income and invested it to become a certified SCUBA diver, and participated in several black water archaeological dives as well as trips to the Florida Keys. After high school, I interned for a television station as a features reporter, completed a degree in journalism from the University of Florida, worked summers in Maine on the Windjammers, sat for my 100 ton USCG captain’s license, and headed to the Bahamas on a 65 foot catamaran, taking passengers sailing and diving with dolphins.

That was followed with a season on a private sailing yacht with a compressor in the BVI – unlimited diving! I spent ten seasons delivering and racing sailboats at Abaco Race Week in the Bahamas, and now I race regularly with the St. Augustine Yacht Club. I teach ASA sailing courses for St. Augustine Sailing, and photography and digital design at a local high school. I’ve enjoyed over 25 cruise ship cruises in the last two decades, am working toward my 100th dive. I’ve been a runner and cyclist most of my life.

This is my creative outlet where I can combine all my passions and share them with you.

Truly, I’m a bit obsessed with the outdoors!




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