VHF Radio Calls to Practice for Boating

VHF Radio Calls to Practice for Boating, VHF Radio Calls to Practice for Boating

Radio; practice the calls while you are driving.

Practice mayday calls out loud for fire, for illness, injury, for sinking. Think about what information you would need to convey for each one. Consider man overboard; do you want someone to rush to you, or not. Maybe you can’t see mob and don’t want them hit by a boat.

Practice making panpan calls out loud for out of fuel, fog, slow leak, things that are not life threatening but require assistance from someone on land. Its situation with the safety of a person, or the boat is in danger, but no immediate danger exists, but it could escalate into a mayday situation. Slow leak you are managing vice big hole…

Practice making security calls, announce that dumpster floating down the St. Johns River that we saw on social media in the last hurricane. Announce a big ol’ water, spout, bearing down on the inlet. Announce a submerged log in a harbor entrance. Announce you are aground in the channel. Think of situations.

If you were reporting your position, say each number individually. Three five degrees, six zero decimal three minutes north. See it very carefully because you may only have one chance to see it. If you can, giving a general position could help as well such as in the Saint Augustine inlet a half mile west of the Seabuoy.

There’s always more to learn!!! Thanks for joining us these last couple weeks. Man overboard next weekend! 👙

VHF Radio Calls to Practice for Boating, VHF Radio Calls to Practice for Boating

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