Services Discount Codes

, Services Discount Codes

So many times, I’ve looked online for a discount code and could not find one. So, I’m sharing some of my favorites with you here!

AIRBNB – Get up to $55 off your first trip when you use my link.

HughesNet – I looked everywhere for someone sharing a code and could not find one, but I sure needed faster Internet. My Referral ID “5499GZ” will net you $50 off, and I get a small reward as well.

Sailo boat rentals around the world! Like Airbnb, but for boats. For both of us, if you use my discount code “KIMWA1,” we both get $100 off our next boat rental at Sailo! Yippee! Send me boating!

TailWind – TailWind is great for managing Pinterest and Instagram marketing. Helps me find content, schedule posts, and run contests. Start a free trial to check it out. Free month when you use my link.

UBER – $2 off your first three rides when you use this link.


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