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Americans Ready to Travel Domestically // 1966 Serro Scotty Sportsman Hilander // Retro Vintage Camping

June is National Camping month, and Americans really are desperate to travel. Camping in the backyard the last 12 weeks has been a fun diversion but now, I’m hearing more and more about people purchasing travel trailers and campers in order to travel domestically. Even formerly international YouTube travelers are joining the trend to keep their audiences satisfied with new content. Families have run through the “staycation” trend and are ready to hit the road this summer to salvage some type of family vacation in 2020. Quite by chance, I had the great fortune to have the opportunity to meet the cutest camper I have ever seen. It was a Serro Scotty Sportsman. According to the previous owner, the travel trailer is a 1966 Scotty Hilander, and her name is Rainbow. I predict vintage, retro campers will enjoy a resurge in popularity as travelers want a recreational vehicle as unique as they are. The allure of recycle / repurpose / renew / reinvent feels like it will allay our guilt over all the non-recyclables we’ve consumed these past three months. Now, let’s meet Rainbow and inspire your own recreational renovation!

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