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Why Sailboats Dock Bow In or Stern In

New sailors often are mystified about why some sailboats dock bow into the pier, and some prefer to tie up stern facing the dock. There are several reasons for this preference! I’ve always tried to assign a “stress number” to each maneuver to determine an overall anxiety scale on docking. If coming into a dock bow in is a score of 3 out of 10, and exiting stern out is a 7 out of 10; that’s a combined anxiety score of 10. Stern in initial docking renders an anxiety score of 5, and exiting a 3. The overall stress factor there might be a 8; so your cumulative stress score actually is lower. Personally, I feel there is more control bringing a stern to the dock and allowing the bow to follow, but many sailors, especially those with full keels, feel it’s easier to bring the bow in – so here are some factors to consider.

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