Raising and Striking Your Jib – Strength Hacks on Sailboats

Raising and Striking the Jib - Strength Hacks on Sailboats, Raising and Striking Your Jib – Strength Hacks on Sailboats

Working with a jib does not require incredible strength. Here are some ways to overcome a lack of upper body strength by being smarter than the equipment.

  1. Raising a Traditional Hanked-on Jib
    1. Prep all lines, identify lines and clutches
    2. Attach tack at base of forestay, attach hanks from tack to head
    3. Attach jib halyard to head of sail, secure top of halyard until ready to raise sail
    4. Attach jib sheets to clew
    5. Run jib sheets to cockpit through any blocks, fairleads
    6. When ready, move halyard to top of jib, raise jib, sheet in, sail the boat
    7. Use the “bow and arrow” method of sweating up the jib
  2. Striking a Traditional Hanked-On Jib
    1. Drop sail with halyard, flake from clew toward forestay, roll or folding as you go
    2. At forestay, disconnect hanks in order, remove halyard and secure, put bundle in bag
  3. Raising the Roller Furling Jib After a Removal
    1. Look for a big coil of line – then it’s already been hoisted aloft
    2. Attach halyard to head of sail
    3. Attach sheets to clew of sail
    4. Attach tack to roller furling drum
    5. Feed bolt rope/cable on jib into track as you slowly tension and pull the halyard
    6. Invite a friend to “tail” the line for you
    7. Be ready to pull the jib up and down as someone feeds the jib into the track
    8. Possibly have someone midships to relay commands
    9. Use your legs
    10. Recruit a partner – get two people on the line
    11. Use the winch
    12. Use an electric winch, but don’t put in self tailer in case of problems
  4. Roller Furling Jib Line and Jib Sheets
    1. Use the roller furling return line to roll the jib up around the forestay 
    2. As always, keep tension on the jib sheets so the return line feeds into the drum neatly
    3. Loosen jib sheets before unfurling the jib so that it swings free
    4. Trim sail once the jib is unrolled
  5. Clearing Overrides in the Jib Halyard
    1. Non-emergency
      1. Double back and attempt by hand
      2. Double back, run to another winch and attempt with winch
      3. Release boom vang to get a couple inches
    2. Emergency
      1. Cut the line – hopefully after attaching a messenger line
  1. Clearing Overrides in the Jib Sheets
    1. Non-emergency
      1. Double back and attempt by hand
      2. Double back, run to another winch and attempt with winch
      3. Loosening the jib halyard will not give you additional slack
    2. Emergency
      1. Cut the line – no need for messenger; you still have the other sheet
  2. Putting the Jib Sail Away
    1. Release the jib sheets, but keep slight tension so it rolls up neatly
    2. Pull on the jib return line; keep going until sail is totally wrapped – ** ANGLE
    3. Continue until sheets are wrapped three full times around the headstay for security
  3. Reefing From Raised Sail
    1. Determine depth of reef desired
    2. Ease sheets, take in on the roller furling return line, secure at desired point, continue sailing
  4. Shaking out the Reef
    1. Release roller furling line, take in on jib sheet
  5. Tacking the Jib
    1. “Ready About” check lazy sheet has two wraps, burdened sheet top tailer wrap is off
    2. “Helm’s Alee” burdened sheet fully released as luffs, lazy sheet pulled in with two wraps
    3. Burdened sheet adds a third wrap, for security, then through the tailor
    4. New lazy sheet gets two wraps around the winch to be in the “ready” position
  6. Minding Your Crew
    1. Tack the boat only as fast as your crew can keep up with releasing/collecting the jib sheets
    2. Hesitate, pause, wait into the wind for a few seconds to give crew time to sheet in jib
    3. Instead of cranking jib in under strain; luff up briefly to reduce strain on grinder person
Raising and Striking the Jib - Strength Hacks on Sailboats, Raising and Striking Your Jib – Strength Hacks on Sailboats

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