Emergency Skills to Practice on Your Sailboat

Emergency Skills to Practice on Your Sailboat, Emergency Skills to Practice on Your Sailboat

On Sundays, we have Crew Sail in the morning and afternoon at St. Augustine Sailing. I love coming up with tough maneuvers to practice and situations to consider. Here’s a list of some of our recent practice session topics and critical dynamic situations we have practiced.

  • Anchor under sail
  • Sail off anchor
  • Fish
  • Cook
  • Poker Run
  • Bar hop (just kidding but good docking practice!_
  • Man overboard
  • Water guns
  • Practice towing kayak
  • How to don traditional life jacket
  • Put on traditional pfd while IN the water
  • Oral inflate an inflatable pfd while wearing
  • Towing a dinghy
  • Radio calls
  • Heaving line practice
  • Outboard engine troubleshooting
  • Engine woes
  • ROW reviews
  • Get out that man overboard Lifesling and drag it around
  • Take jib down wearing harness, jack lines
  • Reef the main wearing harness, jack lines

Crew Sails Safety at Sea Drills.

  • Engine quits
    • Communicate
    • Must raise sail
  • Steering fails
    • Communicate
    • Must steer with sails
    • Must retrieve and install emergency tiller
  • Not enough wind to sail; no control
    • Communicate
    • Must perform emergency anchoring
  • Terrible storm coming, jib won’t furl
    • Communicate
    • Must douse jib (demonstrate at least two methods)
  • Boat is dragging, must re-anchor upwind
    • Communicate
    • Launch dinghy
    • Rig bridle

Assorted situations as time allows

  • Fire. – access hatches, shut down batts, galley from bow…
  • High water alarm
  • Engine overheat
  • Prop foul
Emergency Skills to Practice on Your Sailboat, Emergency Skills to Practice on Your Sailboat

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