What You Need to Put In Your Sailing Ditch Bag

What You Need to Put In Your Sailing Ditch Bag, What You Need to Put In Your Sailing Ditch Bag

Deciding to leave your vessel is a huge decision, as is stocking a bag of emergency supplies. I’ve been compiling a list of items that might be considered for a sailing ditch bag. Here are some considerations. I’ll keep adding as I think of more, and feel free to comment with what’s missing!

Items for Consideration for an Sailing Emergency Ditch Bag

10″ Filet Knife
12 – AA rechargeable batteries (extra batteries for GPS & VHF)
12″ Cable Ties (qty. 25) – multi-purpose, tourniquet, repairs, etc
2 – Space Blankets (multi-purpose, warmth, shelter, highly reflective can be seen long distance)
200 ft 1″ Glow-Orange Flagging Tape (multi-purpose, hi-visibility steamer can be seen long distance)
200 ft 1″ Glow-Pink Flagging Tape (multi-purpose, hi-visibility steamer can be seen long distance)
25 ft 1/4″ Nylon Rope (braided eye on one end, monkey’s fist on the other end) – multi-purpose use, lifeline, etc..
35w Surgical Stapler (wound closure) w/ Surgical Staple remover
4 Emergency Whistles (also included on life vest)
4″ Stainless Lock Blade knife
50 ft Orange Paracord – multi-purpose
6″ 12 Hour Light Sticks – Green (qty 12)
6″ 12 Hour Light Sticks – Red (qty 12) – May be better seen under night-vision or FLIR?
6″ Infrared Light Sticks – (qty 12) – For search and rescue using night vision / FLIR
8 – AAA rechargeable batteries (GPS and Compass)
8″ Bolt-Cutters (To cut any fish hook, cable, wire on board)
ACR ResQLink+ (self-explanatory – locator beacon) – worn on belt
Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum (qty 24)
Bonine (qty 12)
Delorme InReach SE (self-explanatory – locator beacon) – worn on belt
Digital Compass Handheld
Emergency Signal Flags
First-Aid kit (the usual bandages, gauze, anti-bacterial, splint, tourniquet, cold/hot pack, ibuprofen, aspirin, etc..)
Fish hooks/fishing line
Flare Kit (12 flares)
Garmin eTrex 20 GPS
Handheld Compass
Hibiclens (32oz) – antibiotic, washing cuts, etc, leaves a protective film
Jellyfish Squish (sting neutralizer)
Jumper Leads
Lawn and Leaf Bags (qty 4) – multi-purpose, shelter, repairs, if floating in water you could pull these up around you to mask your scent/blood of injured, could make a solar still with a bucket, ice chest, etc, lots of uses
Light Sticks, red and green, that you could devise make-shift NAV Lights
Magnesium Fire Starter / water proof
Method to keep ditch bag floating – pool noodles, fenders, ???
Note: When using signal flare, carry enough flares to discharge two flares within 10 seconds of each other. If a boater or other persons happen to catch the flare out of the corner of their eye, most will stop, pause for a few seconds “what was that? I think I seen something?”, look to see where it came from, this is when the second flare will be seen, catch their attention and identify your location.
Pure Ginger Pills (qty 24)
Spare Fuses
SPF 50+ Waterproof Sun Screen
Stainless hose clamps (fuel line repair, etc)
Stream2Sea Lip Balm
Stream2Sea Sting Relief
Stream2Sea Sunscreen
Transderm Scopolamine Patches (qty 6)
Uniden MH5125 Floating VHF (w/ antenna adapter to allow connecting to full size antenna as primary vhf backup)
Volt Meter

What You Need to Put In Your Sailing Ditch Bag, What You Need to Put In Your Sailing Ditch Bag

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