St. Augustine Local Knowledge Sailboat Run

St. Augustine Local Knowledge Sailboat Run, St. Augustine Local Knowledge Sailboat Run

Recently, someone new to the area asked me to come along on his boat for a local knowledge run. We had a great time pointing out all the sandbars, shipwrecks, public docks, and more. Here’s my list from the voyage. He told me he didn’t need to be like Christopher Columbus and discover every sandbar himself. It was a good use of a couple hours on the boat, a 38′ Beneteau.

St. Augustine Local Knowledge Sailboat Run, St. Augustine Local Knowledge Sailboat Run
  • ICW
    • Marking System
  • Inlet
    • Marking System
    • Bearings
    • Inlet Action
    • Wind and Tide Opposed – East / West
    • Wind and Tide Combined – East / West
    • Return on own bearings/course is best
  • Landmarks
    • Lighthouse, Cross, Presbyterian Church Dome, Vilano Bridge, Airport, Fishing Pier, Amphitheater, 
  • Channels
  • Marking System Channel Junctions
  • LEO
    • Homeland Security Training
    • St. Johns County Fire Rescue
    • St. Johns County Sheriff’s Department
  • Passenger Trade 
    • Victory, Sabrage, Water Taxis, Tiki Huts, Eco Tours, Freedom, ROW
  • Sunken Boats  
    • Look on chart plotter
    • Opposite Camachee – boils
  • Docks for Lunch
    • Caps, Kate’s, Kingfish Grill, Beaches (Publix), Conch House, Municipal
  • Sandbars
    • Inlet
    • Airport
    • Kate’s / Robinson Creek
    • Salt Run
  • Bridges
    • Channels, Schedules, Dolphins use
    • Vilano
    • Bridge of Lions
    • 312
  • Mooring Fields
  • Wind Prevailing
  • Tide Range
  • Currents Speed
  • Clouds Typical / Worrisome
  • Storms Direction, Intensity
  • Anchorages
  • Right of Way – Likely here
    • NUC – anyone
    • RAM – dredges, barges
    • CBD – sail
    • FISH – shrimpers
    • SAIL – no day shapes visible
    • PWR – speeds, bui, no wake zones
    • PED – opp fort, Salt Run, Vilano, jet paks, waydoos foils, jet skis, kayaks, craigcats, tubing,  – who likely where
  • Depths – cloud vice color
  • Cruiser’s Net / Sea Tow
  • SASS – join, race, donate! 
St. Augustine Local Knowledge Sailboat Run, St. Augustine Local Knowledge Sailboat Run

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