Assessing a 25-Foot Ranger Tug for the Passenger Trade

Assessing a 25-Foot Ranger Tug for the Passenger Trade, Assessing a 25-Foot Ranger Tug for the Passenger Trade

Ranger 25 Orientation and Guest Planning


  1. Meet USCG safety equipment requirements to ensure vessel is in compliance.
  2. Assess vessel for use in passenger trade, paying special attention to passenger safety and comfort. Noise, vibration, and engine smell are our three top considerations.
  3. Address owner’s concerns and priorities for client events.

Video of initial assessment available here.

Punch List:

  1. Obtain missing equipment, perform repairs, schedule routine cleanings as listed below.

Next Steps: 

  1. Establish standard operating procedures for client trips for continuity between captains and crew. 
  2. Establish standard operating speeds based on rpm’s and noise reduction for passenger comfort.
  3. Establish standard routes for specified lengths of trips. Practice timings.
  4. Establish passenger orientation speech.

Vessel Areas:

  • Bow
  • Anchor system
    • “Up” foot control on bow inoperable.
    • Check specifications on that anchor – if too small, move under cockpit seat.
    • Check vessel recommendations on anchor size, holding capacity, possibly purchase.
  • Running lights
    • Port running light is upside down. 
  • Forward 
    • Passenger safety is excellent
    • Rails, space are excellent
      • This area will not be available for passenger use. 
  • Midships
    • Passenger safety is excellent
    • Rails, space are excellent
      • This area will not be available for passenger use. 
  • Boarding
    • Passenger safety is excellent
    • Steps stable
    • Handholds excellent
  • Aft, Cockpit
    • Passenger safety is excellent
    • Handholds sturdy
    • Steps are solid and well-placed
    • Beverage no spill holders available
    • American flag needs replacing, stow when not underway – close to 25 inches on the fly is correct for this vessel size.
    • Fly courtesy flag of host country higher than your country flag only when you are a guest in that country.
    • No flag shall be flown above the American flag, especially partisan political activity, for passenger comfort and to avoid uncomfortable harassment.
    • Burgees, yacht club flags are usually half to a quarter the size of the national flag or ensign; they must be smaller and are never flown on the stern.
    • Seating
      • Aft seat is uncomfortably high; cooler underfoot would solve.
      • Two compact deck chairs could fit – steps a bit low for seating.
      • Tiny but stable table might be useful.
    • Location of throwable ring, light
      • Could be installed on aft or side rail.
    • PFD accessibility excellent
    • Comfort – air, view, circulation
      • Gybe when running downwind
    • Shade, sunscreen
      • Install sides as necessary
    • Hydration, snacks, ginger ale, water is available
  • Helm
    • Radio chatter when running lights engaged – possible spark – check wiring
    • Last switch on one panel is not labeled
    • Shifting cable – smooth, then jerky – possibly try to adjust
  • Engine
    • Possible seepage around lift pump.
    • Label and lubricate thru-hull fittings.
    • Replace corroded engine mounts.
    • Add anti-vibration engine mounts.
    • Affix noise reduction barrier to hull.
    • Affix engine compartment gasket to hatch.
    • Rubber undercoating for engine hatch.
    • Rubber-backed carpet for cockpit area.
  • Belowdecks
    • Steps, handholds
      • First cushion on port needs wipeable corner cover.
  • Head
    • Privacy
      • Aft porthole needs a doily or covering. 
    • Seat space
    • Hand holds
    • System procedure, supplies
      • Intake issue.
      • Need tiny tiny trash can.
      • Need thick dark paper envelopes for ladies.


  • Belowdecks
    • Staining around ports, windows
    • No plastic flatware
    • Everything spotless (basket on table needs bleaching)
    • Either luxury brands or remove labels from products and re-label
    • Medium tray for moving service items around boat
    • No red wine
    • No spray sunscreens
    • No clutter
    • Eyebrow polish/paint/rejuvenate
    • Handle on settee window needs re-affixing
    • Cockpit teak needs treatment
    • Small fan at helm
    • Small fan at copilot seat

USCG Compliance

  • Rules and Regulations
    • PFD’s for every passenger – appropriate size
      • Children 6 and under must wear out of cabin on inland waters
      • Children 13 and under must wear out of cabin when offshore
        • Boat policy will be 13 and under wear at all times outside of cabin.
    • Sound producing device – have horns and integrated horn
    • Running lights, anchor light – port light need righting
    • Type IV Throwable – need to obtain
    • Flares – three good for day and night – have one, need two more
    • Fire Extinguishers – need two
    • Holding tank – need to verify is operational, procedure to empty
    • Smoke alarms – check for ones designed for marine application
    • Carbon Monoxide detectors – check for ones designed for marine application 
    • Current registration on board and affixed
    • Current documentation on board
  • Not Compliance – But Recommended for Safety, Efficient Operation
    • High power handheld beam light
    • Two high lume rechargeable flashlights
    • Handheld VHF
    • Ring-type throwable with light
    • Bleeding Control – two tourniquets, wound packing material, elastic bandage
    • First Aid Kit – sting relief, the usual supplies
    • Engine maintenance log book
    • Vessel travels log book
    • Guest passenger log book

Vessel Procedures

Establish Procedures for Vessel

  • Set up digital alerts for any expirables and services
    • Add captain(s) to vessel insurance
      • Copy of captain’s credentials and drug testing consortium letter on file
    • Crew must enroll in random drug testing program
      • Copy of crew’s drug testing program letter on file
    • Captain and Crew attire expectations
    • Captain and Crew gratuities policy
  • Passenger Comfort 
    • Climate – shade, a/c, ambient temperature
    • Speed for comfort
    • Speed for noise
    • Speed for conversation
    • Speed/rpm’s for vibration – set chart of speeds
    • Motion sickness 
      • Fulcrum determination
      • Breeze determination

Passenger Orientation Speech

  • Items to demonstrate and cover
    • VHF
    • Pfds
    • Flares
    • Throwables
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Holding tank and toilet
    • Sound producing device

Routes and Other

  • Time Each run
    • South to Crescent Beach – timings
    • North to Cap’s, Airport, Guana – timings
    • East and South to Lighthouse, Conch House
    • Determine distance, comfort, hours
    • Lunch stops – Kingfish, Beaches, Caps, Kates, Southern Destinations
  • What to Expect Information for her Website
    • FAQ’s
    • What to wear
    • Weather, temperature, winds
    • Environment
    • Sea Life
    • Boat Traffic
    • Bridges, Developments, Natural Areas
    • Schedule
  • Specialty Events
    • Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate
    • Blankets
    • Binoculars

To be Determined and Practiced on Board on a Routine Schedule: 

  • Emergency Procedures
    • Man overboard
      • Written procedures checklist
    • Fire
      • Written procedures checklist
    • Taking on water
      • Written procedures checklist
    • Collision
      • Written procedures checklist
    • Medical Emergency
      • Written procedures checklist
    • Running aground
      • Written procedures checklist
    • Engine Problem
      • Written procedures checklist
    • Weather Situations
      • Written procedures checklist

Pre-departure passenger safety orientation laws:

Guide for Passenger Comfort on Ships

United States Power Squadron Flag Etiquette

Assessing a 25-Foot Ranger Tug for the Passenger Trade, Assessing a 25-Foot Ranger Tug for the Passenger Trade

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