Let’s GO GO! Follow Me to Abaco! Route Planning: St. Augustine to Abaco, Bahama

, Let’s GO GO! Follow Me to Abaco! Route Planning: St. Augustine to Abaco, Bahama

Speed, Distance, and Time Computations

In American Sailing’s 104 Bareboat Cruising Certification, one of the navigation skills is: Plan a coastal passage from origin to destination, plotting courses, distances, and waypoints. While en route, keep a written log and plot DR positions on a chart, and calculate estimated times of arrival (ETA) to waypoints. For fun, here’s an upcoming plan for a trip from St. Augustine, Florida to the Abacos in the Bahamas.

This plan was put together by another boater with a faster boat, so I would have to adjust a bit, as 7 knots is just out of my reach normally. It’s fun to put those time – speed – distance formulas to work on such a fun project! The next article will be provisioning for meals for four – another 104 skill – that must match up to the trip shown below with attention paid to rough offshore days’ food prep requirements.

Staging the boats down to Fort Pierce

Shove-off will be at 10:30 am Sat morning. We can do our final Publix run before shove-off but off the dock, run the coast to Lake Worth Inlet and hang a left eastbound!

With Memorial Day on Monday 5/30 we can spend Sunday night in FP if we want, provision with non-perishables on 5/30 and return home Monday afternoon after provisioning!

This trip is two weeks and four days total. If you start and stop at Ft. Pierce City Marina (Sat. 6/4 to Sat. 6/18) then it’s two full weeks for those with only two weeks off. Looks like fun!

Sat 5/28SA to Ft. Pierce- Staging5:00 AM160NM5 knots35 hrsSun 5/29 3:00 PMFt. Pierce City MarinaOvernight772-464-1245
Thurs 6/2SA to Ft. Pierce- Staging5:00 AM160NM5 knots35 hrsFri 6/3 3:00 PMFt. Pierce City MarinaOvernight772-464-1245
Sat 6/4Ft. Pierce to Old Bahama Bay10:30 AM102 NM4 to 4.5 knots25 hoursSun 6/5 11:00 AMWest End OB Bay MarinaOvernight888-983-6188
Mon 6/6OB Bay to Great Sale Cay6:00 AM67 NM5 knots13 hoursMon 6/6 7:00 PMGreat Sale Cay Ancorage2-days
Wed 6/8Great Sale to Allans Pensacola8:00 AM28.5 NM5 knots7 hoursWed 6/8 2:00 PMA. Pensacola Cay Anchorage1-day
Thur 6/9A. Pensacola to Nunjack Cay8:00 AM18.5 NM5 knots4 hoursThur 6/9 12pmNunjack Cay Anchorage1-day
Fri 6/10Nunjack to Green Turtle Cay8:00 AM7 NM5 knots2 hoursFri 6/10 10:00 AMGreen Turtle Club Marina2-days1-242-365-4271
Sun 6/12Green Turtle to Great Guana10:00 AM15 NM5 knots4 hoursSun 6/12 1:00 PMFishers Bay Anchorage1-day
Mon 6/13Great Guana to Hope Town9:30 AM12NM5 knots2.5 hoursMon 6/13 12:00 PMHope Town Marina2-days1-242-366-0003
Wed 6/15Hope Town to Spanish Cay7:00 AM40 NM5 knots8 hoursWed 6/15 3:00 PMSpanish Cay Anchorage1-day
Thur 6/16Spanish Cay to Great Sale Cay8:00 AM37NM5 knots7 hoursThur 6/16 3pmGreat Sale Cay Ancorage1-day
Fri 6/17Great Sale to Memory Rock7:00 AM48NM5 knots9 hoursFri 6/17 4:00 PMMemory Rock Anchorage1-day
Sat 6/18Memory Rock to Ft. Pierce5:00 AM73NM7 knots11 hoursSat 6/18 4:00 PMFt. Pierce City Marina1-day772-464-1245
Sun 6/19Ft. Pierce to Port Canaveral6:00 AM62NM5.5 knots11 hoursSun 6/19 5:00 PMOcean Club Marina1-day321-783-9001
Mon 6/20Port Canaveral to SA11:00 AM109NM5.5 knots20 hoursTue 6/21 7:00 AMCamachee Cove MarinaOvernight
, Let’s GO GO! Follow Me to Abaco! Route Planning: St. Augustine to Abaco, Bahama

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