Water Activated Night Dive Tank Lights

water activated dive tank lights, Water Activated Night Dive Tank Lights

Reduce your single-use plastic, eliminate piles of batteries, and enjoy a water-activated reusable tank lite for night dives!

I’m sharing several ecoconscious, reusable, plastic-reducing water activated lights for your tank for night dives. Truly, I simply cannot believe we just recently learned about these.

While we’ve always used snap sticks for lights, the amount of plastic those put into the environment didn’t make us happy. We considered battery-operated lights that look just like those chemical lights, but the two watch batteries those require only give you about six to eight hours of light.

That would give you anywhere from three to five dives, depending on how late you turn them on and how early you turn them off. Another consideration is the light turning on accidentally and wearing out the battery while in your dive bag.

Our next concern was choosing lights with switches that fail, batteries to find and replace, and long lights that might get bent and broken during travel. We found the perfect compromise!

water activated dive tank lights, Water Activated Night Dive Tank Lights

Innovative 500 Hour Water-Activated Flashing Marker Light

While at Force-E Scuba in Riviera Beach, we saw their awesome discovery; water-activated lights from Innovative Scuba Concepts . They provide 500 hours of blinking lights, and only turn on when you get them wet, and they turn themself off when you emerge and dry. So, no drained batteries. They are incredibly affordable considering that they replace 500 snap sticks!

I do keep mine in a very tough tiny waterproof bag. They are so sensitive that the moisture in your fingers is able to activate them! The light is nice and bright. They come in several colors; red, green, and blue. We chose green.

Another unexpected bonus was they come with a very tough nylon cord, so, less likely to be lost or have the cord broken. Love them! They are 3.5 inches long, and completely sealed. At .6 ounces, they are featherweight. Flashing marker lights are available in flashing mode only.

Since you cannot replace the batteries, around your 400th night dive, I would begin carrying a spare in case you finally wear it out.

water activated dive tank lights, Water Activated Night Dive Tank Lights

Water Activated-Scuba Tank LED Light-Night Diving Safety Marker-Flashing Strobe Signal Light-Rated Depth 3,000ft-Pack of 2

These LED’s from American Fishing have a built-in, mercury-free battery, like the Innovative 500 hour markers, and last up to 700 hours. They are rated for up to 3,000 feet! Their price point each is about the same as the 500 hour lights, so they are an even better deal since they will last an additional 200 hours.

The color choices are a set of one blue, one green, or, one red, one white. At 1.6 ounces, they barely will register in your luggage.

Reviews varied from reporting that these were tiny and hard to see, to reports that they were bright and very visible. One comment was that they do not float, so the buyer added a float.

They come with a lanyard similar to a digital camera or flash drive lanyard – a teeny bit of thread that leads to a wider nylon strap.

water activated dive tank lights, Water Activated Night Dive Tank Lights

Aqua Lazer-Stik Battery Powered Marker Light, Constant-On Green Blue or Red by Innovative Scuba Products

If you just can’t let go of the idea of the shape and size of a traditional snap stick, these are for you. Innovative Scuba Concepts through Aqua Lazer produces these “constant on” sticks that resemble a traditional snap stick. However, they are battery operated. One review said that the flashing red is more visible than the steady blue.

While I found links for “constant on” versions, I never could find a link for a flashing version. They are rated to 350 feet of depth.

They require three LR44 button batteries, which are included and weigh .6 ounces. I would stock up on these, since dive shops might not carry them.

water activated dive tank lights, Water Activated Night Dive Tank Lights

Innovative Scuba Lazer-Stik, Laser-Stick Marker Light Replaces Chemical Light Sticks 

Also by Innovative Scuba Concepts, Lazer-Stik says these are offered in “constant on” or “flashing” models in a version of those recognizable snap-sticks. It’s unclear how you choose which mode you desire.

The entire lens glows, and the “constant on” lights last 12 hours. Laser Stick flashing marker lights last 20 hours, and they are rated to 350 feet deep. They require three LR44 button batteries, which are included and weigh .6 ounces.

The link above is for the red model, and the Innovative green models are listed, however, I could not find how to choose whether you receive constant on or flashing.

water activated dive tank lights, Water Activated Night Dive Tank Lights

Trident Mini Water Activated LED Clip-On Flashing Light

Although we chose the small 500 hour lights from Innovative, there are other choices on the market. These from Trident also are activated by contact with water, they flash green, and they have a clip that can attach to a BCD or tank.

I found the reviews on these 50/50 positive/critical. Reviewers seemed completely split on whether they were bright or dim, and several reported them arriving with dead batteries.

water activated dive tank lights, Water Activated Night Dive Tank Lights

Trident LED Light Stick Dive Light

If you have a large group, these LED Light Sticks from Trident might be your best option since they come in nine choices. The modes and colors are blinking green, blinking red, blue, constant-on green, constant-on orange, constant-on red, flashing green, flashing orange, and flashing red.

These are high intensity LED lights rated for a maximum depth of 330 feet. They come with three LR48 batteries, and the bulb is rated to last 50,000 hours. At four inches long and 1.6 ounces, they are featherweight. Unfortunately, they do not float.

Reviews ran about 4:1 in praise. Detrimental reviews mentioned the inability to turn the light off until you can take the batteries out. That would mean there is no switch to fail, which others might see as a positive. I did read that a 1/4 rotation turns it off.

Others mentioned the unusual LR48 button batteries, which can be ordered, but might not be available at dive shops. So, I suggest taking spares with you. Some reviewers varied wildly on which color was more visible underwater, whether the batteries were difficult to replace – two in the body, one in the cap with a spring. Almost all reviews said the clip was not durable enough, so they replaced it.

water activated dive tank lights, Water Activated Night Dive Tank Lights

Cyalume ChemLight Military Grade Chemical Light Sticks – 12 Hour Duration Light Sticks Provide Intense Light, Ideal as Emergency or Safety Lights, for Tactical Applications, Hiking or Camping and Much More, Standard Issue for U.S. Military Personnel – Green, 6” Long (Pack of 10)

Cyalume ChemLights: 1 ounce each – 10 equal 10 ounces. We purchased this pack over a year ago to use to mark a tricky dock for operating a large, visually-impaired pontoon boat at night. A couple each from pack of green and a pack of red marked a virtual “landing strip” between two docks in an unlit area.

These are available in blue, red, green, orange, yellow, and white. They produce up to 12 hours of intense light. I tested that – they lasted over 24 hours, slowly dropping in intensity after the first 18 hours. Report is that these lights can be seen from a mile away.

They are listed as non-flammable, non-toxic and waterproof, foil-wrapped, and come with a four-year shelf life. Also, these are touted as the official chemical light of the U.S. Military.

Our only concern with these is that they are single-use. Otherwise, they are fantastic. If you absolutely must purchase single-use chemical lights, and you have no alternatives; please do check with your local sanitation department. Where we live, our dump is lined, so just about anything is allowed to be disposed according to their spokesperson. Even paint and other household chemicals.

water activated dive tank lights, Water Activated Night Dive Tank Lights

Cautions About Glow Sticks

Used liquid glow sticks cannot be reused – you might extend their life a bit by placing them in a freezer and get another night out of them. But then, they are done.

Statistics say over 100 million liquid sticks are going into the landfills every year, and they take a very very very long time to decompose. This is unacceptable. If we divers are stewards of our oceans, we must stop doing this, we must stop using these.

water activated dive tank lights, Water Activated Night Dive Tank Lights

Two Solutions to Chemical Lights

If you absolutely need a glow stick, here’s how to Make a permanent, reusable glow stick.

Or, a company called LunaBright produces glow-in-the-dark fabrics, ropes, ribbons, and sheets that are solar activated. This company produces materials that are recharged by UV light – either natural daylight, lamp, or black light in five to 30 minutes. Their materials are non-toxic, weather resistant, and can safely be used around children, water and pets.

water activated dive tank lights, Water Activated Night Dive Tank Lights

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water activated dive tank lights, Water Activated Night Dive Tank Lights

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water activated dive tank lights, Water Activated Night Dive Tank Lights

Links to “Can’t Live Without” for Dive Travel

The following are links to items we have purchased from Amazon. Using my links does not increase your price, but I might receive a small commission of the sale, which allows me to keep publishing! Thank you!

Tough Rolling Duffle Bags – ranging from $30 to $300, make sure you measure the length of your fins, or…

Scubapro GO Travel Fins – my dive partner got these for a recent dive trip to Cuba. They saved over five pounds, and performed beautifully. He loves them!

TSA-approved locks – they weight about a quarter of a pound each, FYI.

BLACKHAWK! Enhanced Divers Travel Bag with Wheels – the price is fantastic. Weighs nine pounds, 27.5x19x12.5 dimensions.

Akona Roller Dive Gear Travel Backpack – 31x14x21, 14.5 pounds.

Akona Carry-On Roller Bag Less Than 7LBS – 24 x 14 x 10 and 6.3 pounds.

Akona <10lbs Roller Dive Bag – 8.4 pounds

Best Sellers in Diving Roller Bags – Amazon’s most popular products baed on sales.

Digital Hanging Luggage Scale – what a great item! Light enough to travel with you in case of increased luggage weight concerns.

Lifeproof FRE Waterproof case – cannot be beat.

DiveRite Line Cutter with Sheath – so compact and lightweight!

PackTowl Personal Quick Dry Microfiber Towel for Camping, Yoga, and Sports – these are amazing and great for cruises since they take up SO much less space!

water activated dive tank lights, Water Activated Night Dive Tank Lights

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