Don’t Break Dive Boat Etiquette

dive boat etiquette, Don’t Break Dive Boat Etiquette

When you begin diving, sometimes you’re unsure how to follow the etiquette in your new situation; the dive boat. It can be a bit intimidating, getting on a boat with a group of seasoned divers. Here’s a quick run-through on some things to consider.

dive boat etiquette, Don’t Break Dive Boat Etiquette

Etiquette on the Boat

  1. Be on time to the shop or boat; some boats run two dives a day and have very little room for delays.
  2. Get your gear set up and perform checks asap – the sooner you realize something is not right or you have forgotten it; the better.
  3. As soon as possible, after setting up your rig, put your wetsuit, fins, booties, mask in your mesh bag under your gear setup; out of the way of other divers getting set up. Always watch were your weights end up, as well. No one wants to stub their toe on your weights, or have them fall off the bench onto their feet. Keep weights in bcd pockets, or in the lowest part of the boat for safety.
  4. Listen to the boat safety talk closely. Here’s more information on what it should cover: Dive Boat Survival
  5. Listen to the dive briefing closely, plus make note of the dive recall signal
  6. Notice what others put in the rinse buckets – probably not everything. There might be one for masks, and another for cameras. If you are not sure; ask the crew.
  7. Contain yourself, try to keep your gear in your bag. The boat gets smaller and smaller the more gear is lying about. Loose gear can get lost, trip someone, get wet, or get stepped on and broken.
  8. Please don’t smoke – some divers are just able to overcome the boat’s motion and diesel fumes; don’t be the smell that drives them over the edge. Literally.
dive boat etiquette, Don’t Break Dive Boat Etiquette

Other Considerations

If you must get sick, make sure you are downwind of other boat passengers.

Make sure you don’t bring sunscreens with ingredients banned in many vacation destinations. Check your ingredients.

dive boat etiquette, Don’t Break Dive Boat Etiquette

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