Sailboat Docking Rubric for Self-Assessing Your Skills

Sailboat Docking, Sailboat Docking Rubric for Self-Assessing Your Skills

A friend wanted some guidance on docking a sailboat new to her. She’s a teacher, so for fun, I put together a rubric complete with learning objective, learning targets, and success criteria. She scored herself as an “Intermediate” upon completion of three parallel and four slip docking maneuvers.

Rubric for Sailboat Docking and Line Handling

In order to be proficient: > 12/15

Learning Objective: Learn to dock the boat in different winds and docking configurations

Learning Target: Dock the sailboat parallel to a long dock. Dock the sailboat in a slip.

Success Criteria: Able to dock the sailboat without damage to boat or dock or crew.

Docking Technique   9 pointsPerforms docking but needs constant prompting and instruction or misses greater than 50% of stepsPerforms docking but misses some steps or completes steps out of order but quick to correct without promptingPerforms docking in the correct order without
missing any steps and without prompting  
1. WindWheel / Rudder
2 Crew
3 Lines
4 Traffic
5 Approach
6 Speed
7 Momentum
8 Angle
9 Follow Through
Communication   3 points  Constantly forgets to communicate with team at the time of docking and line handling, does not communicate clearly, communicates but only with promptingConsistently communicates with team at the time of docking and line handling, but occasional lack of communication or lack of clear communication.Always communicates with team at the time of docking and line handling, communicates accurate and complete information in a clear and concise manner, uses closed loop and check-back techniques for communication.    
Time   3 pointsUnable to complete docking in less than 30minutesCompletes closure between 20-30minutesCompletes docking in less than 20 minutes

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