How to Organize a Tiny Closet Beautifully

Tiny Closet Organize, How to Organize a Tiny Closet Beautifully

If you have a tiny closet; don’t despair. With a few quick and easy swaps, it can become quite attractive and functional. With Marie Kondo, Swedish Death Cleaning, and now The Home Edit leading the way; we’ve learned that an attractive, organized space brings us happiness and saves time finding our belongings.

Tiny Closet Organize, How to Organize a Tiny Closet Beautifully

Quick and Dirty Organization

A super easy option is to install a simple shelf on top of your closet, and arrange your shoes in sight. This allows either a double rail below, or, a small dresser or shelves for handbags, special items, or even tall boots.

Arrange your clothing by color; and you always will be able to find every piece quickly. Some organization methods have you group all long sleeved shirts together, then all short sleeved, and so on.

I don’t know about you, but that would drive me crazy! When I want to shop the “green” part of my wardrobe – all green coordinates are in one place. Need to pair a cream tank under a cream overshirt? All togher.

My closet is SO small that it’s not like my clothes can hide from me anyway!

Tiny Closet Organize, How to Organize a Tiny Closet Beautifully

Next Step: Shoes

Formerly, my shoes were arranged in plastic containers. They could not air out, they could hold moisture, and actually, I couldn’t really see them. Plus, boxes tended to get thrown in as well. There are about 60 pairs of shoes crammed in those unattractive plastic boxes.

Although I had a color photograph of each pair of shoes in the front of the boxes; sometimes for space, I put two pairs in one box. The result was a mad rush in the morning to figure out in which box that “other” pair of shoes was located.

Tiny Closet Organize, How to Organize a Tiny Closet Beautifully

Before The Home Edit Was Born…

And I’m going to tell you a secret about these shoe “cubbies.” Mine are the ClosetMaid 8983 Stackable 15-Unit Organizer, White, and they are not heavy duty. But, they work well for adults who are reasonably careful.

They will change your life. I am not even kidding.

For one, they will force you to pare down – ha ha ha – to your very favorite, most-worn shoes. Each pair must earn the right to be displayed so prominently, and I can tell you – the sight of your favorite pairs will bring you so much joy. You will take better care of them, you will love them more, and…

A Place For Everything

Everything has a place, and so you’ll put them back in their place because there is a place. The subtle flow of colors alone will bring you happiness and peace. When you open your closet, you will smile. I promise. The sight of all those glorious shoes will make your heart happy.

This is the time that if a pair of shoes does not make you joyful; time to ditch them. The shoe organizers are easy to assemble. Just be sure to carefully measure you space before you order.

Mine give me about a foot spare space to one side. There I put a mirror, and three of my very favorite bags in a sort of boutique showroom to showcase my beautiful items. The mirror reflects light and the sides of my beautiful bags.

Tiny Closet Organize, How to Organize a Tiny Closet Beautifully

Don’t Be Scared

Don’t be scared to invest in organizational items. Sometimes; even though you want to reduce your impact on the environment; there is a better way. I am finding that I don’t have to purchase as many pairs of shoes anymore.

First of all; I can see exactly what I have. Second; since I curated my collection down to my very favorites; I wear them all. Third; when all you have is shoes you love; you aren’t searching and shopping for something similar – or – accidentally – the exact same thing you already have and don’t even realize.

Tiny Closet Organize, How to Organize a Tiny Closet Beautifully

Below the Bar; Hidden Assets

Underneath my clothes rail, for the last 20 years, I had a small dresser and two rolling wire carts; one for handbags, one for travel bags, and stacks of overflow shoe boxes. The small dresser had three drawers, and although I could not see what was in them; I knew exactly what was in them. Overflow workout wear, sandals, and scarves.

It was a hard decision to. move that dresser elsewhere and further pare down the clutter on the bottom of the closet. Overflow workout wear got stripped down to my favorites, which live in a drawer closer to the door for workout inspiration; all those pretty colors lined up ready to go exercise.

Sandals and scarves got relocated, and the result is more floor space and “air” or room to breathe for the bottom. This winter, I’m sure some boots will take up a bit of floor space – but I’ll be able to see them all at once.

Tiny Closet Organize, How to Organize a Tiny Closet Beautifully

Secret Hidden Weapon: Door Pocket

For a couple months, I pondered what would happen to my sandals and scarves. In Florida; we are likely to need sandals in the middle of December or January. I decided I would try to use the BACKS of my teeny folding doors. There’s about four inches of space between the front edge of the hangars and the bifold doors.

On a leap of enthusiasm, I ordered a plain white pocket contraption called MISSLO Heavy Duty Over The Door Storage with 12 Mesh Pockets (White) With free returns; I figured if it didn’t work, I’d just return it. Well, it worked! While I would not like these to be on display; they are working great from the backs of my doors for sandals on the right and scarves on the left.

Tiny Closet Organize, How to Organize a Tiny Closet Beautifully

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