Your Saddle Sores Can Be Solved // Womens’ Cycling Common Issue

Cycle Booty Saddle Sores, Your Saddle Sores Can Be Solved // Womens’ Cycling Common Issue

If you’re looking for a solution to saddle sores, I have to tell you it took me four years to find a solution. You’ve probably been down the same route – trying products for a couple weeks, enduring the trial period only to find no relief. I did the same thing, I even ordered anything I could find that might do the trick. Lucky for me, I found a solution designed for spinning cyclists – but it also works for road cycling.

Cycle Booty Saddle Sores, Your Saddle Sores Can Be Solved // Womens’ Cycling Common Issue

You Can Try A Trial Size!

Not wanting to invest recklessly, I chose the Cycle Booty Travel Size Kit with sample sizes of the two products I wanted most to try; the citrus cleanser and post-ride cream. When it arrived, interestingly, the order included a “thank you” gift of a second travel size kit! Yippee!

I tried them both after my very next ride. Immediate relief. Also, immediate results.

Unbelieveable – while after the ride, I could feel bumps in the usual spots blooming, after using both products, the bumps relaxed, lessened, and reduced greatly in size. Since I’d had such a painful experience the week before, I started using the post-ride cream even on no-ride days.

Cycle Booty Saddle Sores, Your Saddle Sores Can Be Solved // Womens’ Cycling Common Issue

My Search For A Reliable Product

Always, I’ve known my skin is pretty sensitive. Just a look at poison ivy and I’m breaking out in an hour. On a whim, I ordered a sample of Petal Power post ride intimate parts wash from Vanderkitten. It worked. Like magic, it worked. It was a female-formulated product, female-owned company. I was glad to support them, and then they stopped production.

So, next, I started searching for body washes with the same ingredients. I even tried to convince Autumn at Stream2Sea to take Petal Power’s ingredient list and develop an ecoconscious version in biodegradable containers, but Stream2Sea was busy recreating itself in the new Covid-19 world where cruise lines were not purchasing their sunscreen. She developed an ecoconscious spray hand sanitizer, and saved her company.

My search for saddle sore skin care relief found a few products – but not many. I ordered the only two that seemed designed for women. One was HONEYFUR pH Balanced Feminine Hygiene Wash from France. I used it a couple times, liked it’s piney scent due to tea tree oil, and admired the attractive container. France has great cyclists; it had to work! It did a pretty good job. However, it’s lacking a follow-up soothing cream like Cycle Booty.

The Honeyfur is still sitting in the shower. I’m scared to give it a full two-week trial now! With my saddle sores in check, I’m reluctant to experiment.

Cycle Booty Saddle Sores, Your Saddle Sores Can Be Solved // Womens’ Cycling Common Issue

More Than Just Glide Cream – A Whole Lineup of Care Products

Well, you know how it is when you find something that works – you want to tell someone! Especially the creator. I’m obsessed with Cycle Booty, so I went online to find out who was behind these wonderful products, but also what from their line I could order next.

There were six products listed on the Cycle Booty products website: the citrus cleanser, the post-ride cream, a pre-ride anti chafe chamois cream, a coconut sugar scrub, a cooling gel and a moisturizing body butter. Oh, yum!

If you prefer Amazon; here’s the Travel Size Kit I ordered. Not all products are available all the time from Amazon; so ordering straight from the source is the most reliable way to access the entire line of products.

Cycle Booty Saddle Sores, Your Saddle Sores Can Be Solved // Womens’ Cycling Common Issue

Female – Owned Company

Still, I wanted to know more about the company. It matters to me; who’s behind the products, how they were developed, where they plan to expand. So, I contacted the company, and the story is a dream!

Cycle Booty was begun by Caitlin Yates over a year ago, and they just began expanding this Spring about the time I found them on Amazon. She’s an indoor cycling instructor in Northern California, and had struggled with saddle sores while teaching three to four classes a day. Like me, she tried several products with little relief.

Her grandmother owned a skin care company with products made of 100% natural oils that were soothing. Caitlin began using her grandmother’s cream, it worked, so she reformulated the cream specifically for cyclists. Her North CA indoor cycling community had great success combatting saddle sores, so… She went national.

Product lines developed by a female owner-operator delight me, so I’m pleased to purchase their products and even promote them! Caitlin very generously gifted me with a full-size of the chamois cream and the cooling gel. The quality is wonderful, the scents are gorgeous, and I can pronounce every single ingredient on the label. And – no more saddle sores.

Cycle Booty Saddle Sores, Your Saddle Sores Can Be Solved // Womens’ Cycling Common Issue

I’m No Expert

I’m just a beginning cyclist with four years serious road cycling and a lifetime of pleasure riding. If you have any great tips for me, please leave them in the comments below. If you’ve found something that helped you overcome saddle sores; please share!

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Cycle Booty Saddle Sores, Your Saddle Sores Can Be Solved // Womens’ Cycling Common Issue

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