Your Cycling Helmet Can Call For Help // Specialized ANGi and Road ID

Specialized ANGi, Your Cycling Helmet Can Call For Help // Specialized ANGi and Road ID

Are you back to cycling and need someone to know if you run into trouble? The past couple months of working from home has allowed me to venture out on my own for some cycling. Usually I ride with my husband, so I wanted a way to alert him and family if I were struck on my bicycle. The Specialized ANGi solved my need.

We have always rode with a Road ID, the small metal plate on either a wristband or elsewhere with all pertinent information an emergency responder might need. But I wanted something that would alert my contacts immediately if I was hit on my bike.

Specialized ANGi, Your Cycling Helmet Can Call For Help // Specialized ANGi and Road ID

Crash Detection

I wanted to add a crash detection alert to my cycling routine. I started looking for the Ice Dot device that my husband formerly used. It was no longer available. Specialized bought out Ice Dot and replaced it with their ANGI sensor.

It turned my helmet into a tracking device and a crash detector!

The Specialized ANGi device fits most helmets, and there are no annual fees.

Specialized ANGi, Your Cycling Helmet Can Call For Help // Specialized ANGi and Road ID

The Sensor

The Specialized ANGi sensor is the size of the actual watch part of a Fitbit, and sticks with adhesive to your helmet. If your helmet is all curves; you can purchase an adaptor that will provide a curved surface to adhere to your helmet, and a flat surface for the ANGi.

I purchased the adaptor, then didn’t actually need it. If anyone needs it – let me know, and I’ll send it to you!

Specialized ANGi sensor uses a 2032 battery that lasts about six months.

If you mount it on Velcro, you also could move it from helmet to helmet as needed if you use more than one helmet.

Specialized ANGi, Your Cycling Helmet Can Call For Help // Specialized ANGi and Road ID

The App

I use the Specialized Ride App that works for iOS and Android. It works similar to Road ID’s app that you must stop when you are finished exercising or an alert is issued. With Specialized ANGi, if it detects a crash, a countdown initiates. If you’re ok, you stop the countdown and keep riding. I’m thinking if I drop my helmet from the top of the steps, that might be enough to set it off.

If you do not stop the countdown, the Specialized ANGi sends an alert to the contacts you set up to be notified. It gives them your last known GPS coordinates as well as a message that you need assistance.

When you open the app, you first see a listing of group rides in your area with type, time, distance and effort. That’s under your “feed” section. If you are visiting another city, you can type that in to see available rides there.

There is a screen for “Gear” and setting up devices like heart rate monitors, and bikes. The app says in the unlikely event that your bike is lost or stolen, it will be registered.

The “Record” section is for starting a ride. “Profile” has your completed rides, rides you join, rides you create, and even a stories section with articles to read and save.

For entering your contacts, the “More” area allows information input as well as the ability to set the incident countdown alert. The default was 15 seconds. I figure I would not be able to get my phone out of my jersey pocket that quickly, so I set it for 90 seconds.

Specialized ANGi, Your Cycling Helmet Can Call For Help // Specialized ANGi and Road ID

Similarities and Differences Between ANGi and Road ID

Just like Road ID, if you know you will be out of service range, with the Specialized ANGi, you can pre-set a timer for your entire venture from a spot with a data signal. Upon completion, you stop the countdown or it alerts your contacts just like Road ID. It will give your contacts your last known location.

Road ID offers “eCrumb Tracking.” Unlike ANGi, Road ID lets your contacts know you have begun a ride. That way, they can look for when you plan to end your ride. When you finish, you stop the ride and they receive another notification. I have mine set up to also notify me, so I can verify that the messages are going out to my contacts.

When you initiate a ride on Road ID, if you choose, your alerted people can follow your progress on a map for the entire ride. Specialized ANGi updates every five minutes with your location if possible, but your contacts do not see your track.

There also is a stationary alert on Road ID; if you stop moving for five minutes, the Road ID app will begin a 60-second countdown that you can hear. You must cancel the countdown, or an alert message is sent to your contacts. I sometimes set this alarm off when I stop to talk to a neighbor!

Specialized ANGi alerts your contacts at that timing you set only if your helmet suffers an impact; not if you stop. You can set the notification from anywhere from 15 seconds to 90 seconds.

Road ID gives your contact information to rescuers in a format of written names and numbers on the small metal plate. ANGi does not unless your cell phone is unlocked and they know to look for the Specialized ANGi app.

Now you know why I have both! ANGi lets my husband know immediately if I am hit, Road ID lets him know if I don’t make it home or if I stop for five minutes or more.

Specialized ANGi, Your Cycling Helmet Can Call For Help // Specialized ANGi and Road ID

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