Are Plastics the New Cigarettes? // Plastic Free July

plastic, Are Plastics the New Cigarettes? // Plastic Free July

Watching a favorite YouTube blogger, she made a comment about being embarrassed to be seen in public with a paper coffee cup, and it immediately made me think that plastic is the new cigarette. People don’t want to be seen with single-use plastics these days.

The blogger said she was embarrassed to be seen in public, and hoped that nobody spotted her striding the streets of London, in her high heels and carrying a forbidden not-recyclable coffee cup.

Personally, I think it’s great! We should be just a bit ashamed if we haven’t changed our lifestyle and eschewed single-use plastics by now.

I thought about some other potentially-judgmental areas as well; am I being judged at the grocery? When I must go in, I try to set a good example, and brandish my store–branded cloth bags. I even like taking in grocery store brand X bag in the grocery store Y, just to see if they even notice.

plastic, Are Plastics the New Cigarettes? // Plastic Free July
Tricked! Ordered, then realized it was served in plastic. Grrrrr.

I Do Judge You By What Is In Your Hand

We used to judge smokers; lighting up at burning away their hard–earned cash in a habit that causes cancer and kills. We just couldn’t believe anyone had enough money to simply light it on fire and watch it go up in smoke. And we could not believe that anyone would purposely poison themselves.

Now, we see people with their single use water bottles, and we judge them. Or, we notice people with jumbo cups of soda with a plastic straw and lid that costs almost as much as an entire two-liter of soda. Splurge and waste!

When I see someone carrying a multi–use water bottle, I am secretly pleased. They are part of my “we care about the Earth” population.

When I see people with single use single-use fast food containers, I am a little bit taken aback. What happened to that manatee–hugging, kayak–paddling friend of mine?

plastic, Are Plastics the New Cigarettes? // Plastic Free July

What’s In Your Hand?

I am pretty careful about the water bottle that I carry with me. Nope, I don’t carry one that sports a huge brand. The one I carry is from Certified, it happens to be a Tervis, and I received it when I passed my Microsoft industry certification exams.

To me, the name on the bottle we carry is like a walking billboard advertisement. With mine; only people who know what it means will “get it.” And I’m fine with that. Our secret nerdy society!

What I don’t understand is all those people with Salt Life stickers on their car and water tumblers, except they don’t sail, boat, dive, or do much of anything around the water. I guess it’s just part of trying to fit in somwhere.

People have worn clothing brands and styles to fit in with their tribes since mankind evolved. Since cave times, they wore clothing and decorations, and chose items they carried to fit in with one group or another. Now, sometimes even vehicles and watches are chosen more for looks than use or performance!

It used to be that when you saw people wearing exercise wear, you thought they exercised. That’s not the case now. But it’s pretty likely that when you see someone caring a refillable water jug; they probably are actually filling it, and probably not from a single-use plastic bottle.

plastic, Are Plastics the New Cigarettes? // Plastic Free July

What Does Your Branding Say?

Here’s your opportunity to brand yourself, or identify with a group. Be for something, against something, or part of something. Or, fly under the radar.

You carry this water bottle with you every day, everywhere, so whatever it says represents you. I see people applying multiple decals to larger water bottles; the new vehicle rear bumper!

My water bottle says that I know something. No one knows for sure whether I’m an expert at Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, or all three. But if they know the brand, they know that I am one mean Microsoft chick.

I’m pretty particular about promoting brands – I’m one of those who removes labels from products so the exterior is empty. My clothing does not have outwardly-identifiable names except for a few Stream2Sea upf shirts, and I am quite aware that people on a boat with me will look to see what products I use. So, my trusty “Certified” travel mug comes everywhere!

plastic, Are Plastics the New Cigarettes? // Plastic Free July

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Thank you Bill for always being ready to take the recycling bin to the curb. Best Earth Wise Partner EVER!


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