Incredibly Compact Microfiber Towel // Fast-Drying // Reduce Travel Weight

, Incredibly Compact Microfiber Towel // Fast-Drying // Reduce Travel Weight

I can’t believe how absorbent and compact this compact huge towel from Pack Towl is! They wick up moisture quickly, they dry quickly, they don’t feel wet after using them. In addition, they don’t weigh a lot dry, and, unlike cotton towels, they don’t weigh a lot wet, either. Best of all, they fold up to the size of a long sleeve shirt.

We received a generous gift card from our past dive club president and his wife for our wedding. Initially we planned to use the gift for spare batteries for our awesome Kraken dive lights. However, we realized we had a real need for lightweight, compact towels.

, Incredibly Compact Microfiber Towel // Fast-Drying // Reduce Travel Weight

Balancing Need Versus Renewability

Instead, on a trip last weekend to the Bahamas, we realized we really needed compact, efficient towels. We were worried we would lose one of the ship’s towels, they took up a lot of space, once wet, they became heavy and were inconvenient to drag around in addition to our dive gear.

As always before purchases, we think about the impact for a long time. Regularly, we debate quality, price, and consider renewability. If something is constructed from plastic, we have to really pause to determine if it’s something we really need in our life. While we could have continued with cotton towels, we decided it was worth the expense to upgrade to the Pack Towl and simultaneously lighten our load and concern over losing a ship’s or Airbnb’s towel.

, Incredibly Compact Microfiber Towel // Fast-Drying // Reduce Travel Weight

Recommendations and Experience

First we thought of the courtesy towels by Shark that we used in Cozumel when diving with Blue XtSea Diving, but could not find those offered on Amazon. So, Bill found what traveling YouTubers Kara and Nate recommended. It turns out, I like the Pack Towl even better than the Shark!

It has a better tab and button for hanging, and comes with a travel pouch that also hangs.

, Incredibly Compact Microfiber Towel // Fast-Drying // Reduce Travel Weight

Four Sizes

After some exact comparisons of bath towels and beach towels, we ordered the beach towel size. We took our own towels, measured the Pack Towl sizes, and duplicated the measurements by folding our towels to those sizs. They come in four sizes; face, hand, bath and beach listed above.

We wanted to be able to use these in a variety of situations, so we ordered the largest; beach. They come in a variety of sizes and patterns. Be aware; different colors and designs have different prices.

, Incredibly Compact Microfiber Towel // Fast-Drying // Reduce Travel Weight

Microfiber Versus Cotton

Honest evaluation here. The Pack Towls don’t feel all fuzzy like a cotton towel on your skin, but the feeling is not unpleasant. They feel efficient and soft. They dry quickly, can be washed in a machine, and dried in a clothes dryer. They don’t shrink, and mine did not experience any runs in the colors.

Another difference is these microfiber towels weight under 10 ounces, while a full-size beach towel can weigh about a pound to a pound and a quarter each; almost twice as much.

The microfiber towels also take up a lot less space than cotton or even cotton blends; they fold into something the size of a long sleeved t-shirt; about a fifth the space taken up by a traditional beach towel.

Don’t Take Our Towels…

When we travel and stay in Airbnb’s, sometimes the hosts do not want you to take the towels away from the house to the beach, especially in Cuba where supplies are harder to procure. These are the perfect solution.

, Incredibly Compact Microfiber Towel // Fast-Drying // Reduce Travel Weight

Easy to Fold, Compact

AND there’s no crazy system to folding them back into their pouches. It’s simply fold in halves – and it doesn’t matter where you start. No figuring an initial fold in thirds, then halves, then… nope, just keep halfing them until they are the right size. Shew!

, Incredibly Compact Microfiber Towel // Fast-Drying // Reduce Travel Weight

Wick Moisture From Your Gear

I have read that after you use microfiber towels, it’s good to toss them in with your wet gear since they wick moisture from your other dive gear.

This I know it true since when I put them in the dryer with wet clothes; they wicked up a lot of moisture from those items.

, Incredibly Compact Microfiber Towel // Fast-Drying // Reduce Travel Weight

Toxic Sunscreens Not Welcome

All products that touch your body work their way into our rivers, stream, lakes and oceans. Many vacation destinations will not allow toxic sunscreens; use the only one tested and proven reef safe; Stream2Sea, use my code “DeepWH” for 10% off on SPF 20 or 30 mineral, regular or tinted sunscreen, mask defog, shampoo, conditioner, rash guards and more reef-safe supplies.

For bleeding control training, I took the Tactical Casualty Care from Crisis Medicine with code “DeepWH” you save 20% on the TC2 course, which I highly recommend. You need more than basic First Aid when you are far from help, as we are when we head offshore to dive, or even in the springs.

MyMedic also features Individual Bleeding Control Kits; this link and my code “KimW” will save you 10% on your purchase. You should bring a kit on your dives! We do… It’s better to be prepared than to be unprepared. You can spot our kit velcroed to the headrest of the backseat in this video.

Use of my Amazon Affiliate links does not increase your cost, but may return to me a small percentage of your purchase, which helps me bring content to you, and purchase more supplies for my classroom. Thank you for your support!


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