SCUBA Diving in Cuba // Spectacular Shore Diving

, SCUBA Diving in Cuba // Spectacular Shore Diving

First of all, diving in Cuba is accessible right from the shore, and the wall is stuffed full of incredible fish, eels, sponges, fans and every type of coral drops from 160 to 500 feet. We saw absolutely staggering staghorn coral growths that would make divers in the Florida Keys cry in their masks. Gatherings of huge conch mesmerized me with their size and abundance.

, SCUBA Diving in Cuba // Spectacular Shore Diving
Heading over to a nice wall!

No Trash

Second, we saw not one bit of plastic or trash in the ocean. Our dive master removed a few pieces of fishing line from coral, and we saw some cleaned fish carcasses. Otherwise; every dive was absolutely pristine.

, SCUBA Diving in Cuba // Spectacular Shore Diving

Shore and Rock Entry

For our first dive, we jumped off rocks after either donning or tossing our gear. We swam out about 100 feet to incredible amazing spectacular coral heads teeming with fish. 

, SCUBA Diving in Cuba // Spectacular Shore Diving
Friendly eel was curious and unafraid.

Fish and Eels

We saw rivers of bright blue fish, lots of fun drum fish, snappers, and all the other colorful fish of the Caribbean. 

On the first dive, we saw several spotted black and white moray eels of medium size; like my forearm. On a later dive, we did see one green moray, and on another, we saw a teeny moray eel the size of my thumb.

The eels wrapped themselves in the rocks, seldom poking their heads out except for one. This one was very curious and appeared to pose for us – first one side of his face, then the other. 

, SCUBA Diving in Cuba // Spectacular Shore Diving
Skinny shrimp in Dive Master Mitchell Morales’ hands.

Lobster Shrimp and Crabs

Lobster hid under ledges and rocks, from small to medium- sized. 

We saw delicate shrimp skinny as spiders everywhere, and teeny crabs.

A couple places, we saw larger crabs; one looked like a relative of a stone crab, and a few others looked like the Bahamian spider crabs. 

, SCUBA Diving in Cuba // Spectacular Shore Diving
On the edge of this staghorn coral forest, the large conch were found every couple inches.

Conch Playground

In one protected dive spot, we saw a whole “field” of extra large conch. They were fully grown, full-lipped, and big and meaty inside. It was so exciting to see so many enormous conch in one concentrated area.

Waterfalls of blue fish stunned us at a couple of the sites around Playa Larga. They looked like endless streams of shimmering undulating ribbons of blue apparently falling through the water, following the contours of the coral heads. It was like watching an electric blue river follow an invisible bank.

, SCUBA Diving in Cuba // Spectacular Shore Diving
Every type of coral imaginable.


At several sites, we saw the enormous elephant ear growths that look like they have been stitched with a sewing machine. 

Long tubes in every fluorescent color, about two to three-feet long, smaller at the base and slightly wider at the ends anchored themselves in the coral. Teeny fish hovered in the tubes. These tubes resembled something from another planet; they were so colorful and bright, and waving around in the slight current.

We saw brain coral, stag horn coral, and several other types of coral. Near the field of conch, we came across about an acre of incredibly healthy stag horn coral in a protected cove. I had not seen one like that since the mid-90’s off West End, Grand Bahama.

, SCUBA Diving in Cuba // Spectacular Shore Diving

An Incredible Experience

While there are spots all around the world of incredible beauty, for us, it was an incredible experience to have the opportunity to view these pristine waters. 

Would we return? This is one of the locations that is so accessible, so clean, so close, so colorful, yes, we would go back. 

When we first booked, our itinerary listed “double immersions” here and there. Little did we know that not only would we experience and appreciate the total immersion in the water, but also the total immersion into the culture, the heartbeat, the rhythm and people of Cuba. 

Can’t wait to get back!

, SCUBA Diving in Cuba // Spectacular Shore Diving

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, SCUBA Diving in Cuba // Spectacular Shore Diving

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, SCUBA Diving in Cuba // Spectacular Shore Diving

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