Lifeproof FRE versus Lifeproof NUUD // Best Waterproof iPhone Case Review

, Lifeproof FRE versus Lifeproof NUUD // Best Waterproof iPhone Case Review

I’m writing this review of the waterproof Lifeproof FRE and the Lifeproof NUUD case because when you find something that works so well, so consistently, so perfectly – you simply cannot stand to not share it! From iPhone 6 to 6s to 10; I’m resolute. It’s the only case for me. Is it possible to be this obsessed with a phone case?

Everyone advised me to purchase an OtterBox when I got a new iPhone 6s. But, it was such a pretty phone, that I wanted to put it in a prettier case. OtterBox seemed to come either in black or blue, and I wanted something lighter in color. Otherwise, they have a great reputation, too.

, Lifeproof FRE versus Lifeproof NUUD // Best Waterproof iPhone Case Review
I liked the FRE so much, I ordered one for my dive partner!

I Chose the FRE

After a lot of research, I choose the Lifeproof FRE. I work as a sailboat captain, and I usually have my cell phone either in my pocket, or on the cupholders in the helm, so I can have easy access.

I like to take pictures of birds flying by or boat sailing by, motor boats heading up and down the Intracoastal Waterway, what the students on my boat are doing in class, and plenty of still shots as well.

So, I definitely want my cell phone case to be waterproof. I wanted something that sort of coordinated with my usual sailing clothing and did not look ridiculous. And I wanted one that could tolerate a small drop, from pocket to deck.

The one time I dropped my phone when it was not in a case and broke it, it was in my hand, at my waist. The length of my arm over my head is probably about as high in the air as my phone is ever going to get.

, Lifeproof FRE versus Lifeproof NUUD // Best Waterproof iPhone Case Review

First Impression of the FRE

I ordered the FRE, it was easy to install, and it had a plug I could remove to plug in the extension for my PayPal credit card reading device, the texting worked just fine, the sound was good, and I was thoroughly pleased.

The colors made me happy, and did not show dirt. One of the best features is the soft rubber rim that allows me to place the phone anywhere, face down, to discourage interruptions and distractions without worry about scratches. The rim also keeps the phone from sliding around in my vehicle even during extreme acceleration and braking.

Having a sold back keeps it from looking scratched, and further protects the phone. All the buttons worked just fine, and the waterproof plug was solid.

, Lifeproof FRE versus Lifeproof NUUD // Best Waterproof iPhone Case Review

Three Years of Hard Use

For three years, my iPhone has been dragged in and out of pockets, on dog walks, bicycle rides, scuba diving trips, cruise trips, workouts, running; it has been through just about everything, including plenty of heavy rain.

It has performed flawlessly. After three years of wear and tear; it was finally showing some advanced deterioration, and it was time to replace it.

Accidentally Ordered a NUUD

I ordered a replacement case, and realized that I had ordered a Lifeproof NUUD instead of a FRE.

The differences are that the NUUD has a clear back. Right away, I realized that was something that was going to look very scratched rapidly.

In fact, it already looked scratched after a day, even though I had been careful.

Another problem is the screen is not like the FRE. You place a screen protector sticker to your phone instead of the screen cover being integrated with the case. For some reason, my text insertion point jumped all over the place. I would be typing in one spot, and then typing somewhere completely different.

This was a huge aggravation. This was the deal-breaker.

Also, I noticed that the clear bit over the finger home button is more difficult to use. It is more recessed and you have to really get your finger in there to make it work.

I finally got used to that, but I never got used to the drawback that sometimes no one can hear me, or I can’t hear them. I think there is something not quite right with the access to the speaker in the NUUD case

In all, after only a couple weeks of use, I ordered another FRE. I sent the NUUD to the consignment shop for someone else to enjoy.

And that’s all I have to say about that!

, Lifeproof FRE versus Lifeproof NUUD // Best Waterproof iPhone Case Review

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, Lifeproof FRE versus Lifeproof NUUD // Best Waterproof iPhone Case Review

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