Baby’s Coffee // Key West Cyclists’ Destination

, Baby’s Coffee // Key West Cyclists’ Destination
, Baby’s Coffee // Key West Cyclists’ Destination

A vacation on or near Key West simply could not be complete without a visit to Baby’s Coffee, now on Highway 1, whether you walk, drive, or arrive there on two wheels.

, Baby’s Coffee // Key West Cyclists’ Destination

Cyclists’ Destination

As soon as we walked in the door, we knew this place catered to cyclists. Before reaching any of the racks of coffee or mugs, we saw cycling supplies.

Baby’s sports an entire rack of spare tires, tubes, and other cycling needs right a the front door, and several cyclists stopped by while we were there. It seems to be a good destination, an easy 10-mile ride from Key West.

There’s a hyperlapse video called “Key West Baby’s Coffee” that shows in fast speed the ride from Key West North on A1A to their location at 3180 US Highway 1 MM 15. It gives you a look at the route and how many bridges you cross to get to Baby’s.

, Baby’s Coffee // Key West Cyclists’ Destination

Those Chickens

We enjoyed enormous bagel sandwiches, and coffee and espresso with the company of the ever-present chickens. They roam, but do not seem to beg.

, Baby’s Coffee // Key West Cyclists’ Destination

Someone mentioned them being a pest, and I think there were signs that said to not feed the chickens. However, they were no trouble at all; just a little local color and sound.

, Baby’s Coffee // Key West Cyclists’ Destination

Hydroponics on Site

The hydroponic garden at Baby’s. Can’t wait to get back there and see how the trial is going!

, Baby’s Coffee // Key West Cyclists’ Destination

Plastic-Free in the Florida Keys

When we decided to treat ourselves to coffee at Baby’s Coffee, we brought our two insulated coffee mugs, and proudly presented them to the cashier. “Please use these,” we said, as we noticed their own logo-ed coffee mugs with reduced price refills.

We appreciated Baby’s commitment to offering metal straws, and were happy to see they use paper cups. Our mission was a plastic-free vacation, and the goal was trying to reduce or eliminate single-use plastics and other non-biodegradable containers.

We watched the barista at Baby’s – she prepared our coffee in huge Styrofoam cups, while we protested we had brought our own. She nodded; she would put our coffee in our mugs.

However, in order to measure the serving, they pour the contents into their cups to get the volume correct. The Styrofoam cups went straight into the trash. Instead of being used for the length of the sipping of the coffee, they were used even less time. We felt pretty guilty about not meeting our own plastic-free vacation goals.

Hopefully they can change that system and use a glass measuring cup!

I thought maybe water is such a commodity in the Keys that it is more affordable for businesses to buy and toss more single use items and generate more trash than to pay for water to wash more dishes? However, I could not get an answer on that one, even after asking at several places.

, Baby’s Coffee // Key West Cyclists’ Destination

Off The Chain

We always try to eat and drink away from large chains, preferring to try to contribute to the local economy and small business owners.

It turns out Baby’s is owned by some former New Yorkers, Gary and Olga, who found a building around 1991 that had been owned by a Cuban family in the 1920’s. The name “Baby’s” was from “Baby’s Place,” named after their youngest son “Baby” Rodriguez. He grew up, and ran a bar where supposedly Ernest Hemingway visited.

Later, Gary and Olga opened another roasting facility in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

, Baby’s Coffee // Key West Cyclists’ Destination

Take Bottles and Mugs to Travel

Tote your own reusable water bottle and coffee mug. And remember to get them filled – take them into restaurants and filling stations with you.

, Baby’s Coffee // Key West Cyclists’ Destination
  • The white, red, black container is a Specialized cycling bottle – they serve many purposes for us.
  • We use them for sailing, mowing, traveling, dive trips – not just cycling.
  • The container with the finger hole is a Tervis water bottle. I earned mine by passing a Microsoft Industry Certification. The handle is most useful since I can hold a dog leash and this in the same hand while walking.

To the side is a Starbucks aluminum tumbler. While I haven’t tried it for iced beverages, I imagine it would keep those cold just like the really expensive brands. I’ll have to try it!

When all of mine wear out, THEN I will invest in a stainless steel water bottle that doubles as a canteen for hot coffee AND has a top finger hole. Two in one! And no plastics. Before you know it, I’ll be dragging out my old green Thermos – remember those? Who knew your grandparents were so economical and ecoconscious!

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