Best Reflective Retractable Tape Dog Leashes // Flexi

, Best Reflective Retractable Tape Dog Leashes // Flexi

After several years of buying and discarding leashes for our miniature Schnauzers, we finally found the perfect combination of reflectivity, mechanism function, leash material, and overall durability.

, Best Reflective Retractable Tape Dog Leashes // Flexi

What We Tried

These leashes were about the fifth type of leash we have tried. They are retractable neon leashes by Flexi, and they come in different widths for different dogs.

We tried several brands that had a bit of line before the tape, and the lines kept breaking and getting tangled. Then we tried several types of tape leashes. They kinked and would not retract after a couple months.

One leash we tried was so large, my hand could not maintain control over the leash. As a result, it would get pulled out of my hand. I learned that was going to be very important in our search for the perfect leashes.

Occasionally, the leashes with a bit of string would get dragged across my calf, and was rather uncomfortable.

, Best Reflective Retractable Tape Dog Leashes // Flexi

Special Features We Love

We’ve had these for nearly a year now, and are really loving them. When cars approach, we turn the body of the leash sideways, and it makes a huge reflective spot.

Another consideration was the mechanism. We have had some buttons and springs give out rather quickly, and one variety was nearly impossible to catch then smoothly release. After several years of trials, we are just so pleased with these tape leashes by Flexi.

The handle does not slip, and the 16′ length is perfect for reaching each side of our residential road to sniff both sides. The recoil works in both hot and cold temperatures. The leashes are not so heavy that they are uncomfortable.

The bright yellow tape is wide enough to not cause cuts on your leg if something happens to make your dog bolt behind you.

These brake and lock so easily that we can quickly retract and lock them if there is a car or cyclist approaching. The mechanism is easy to use, unlike some. The brake is great for temporarily restricting the length, and the lock is easy to disengage.

, Best Reflective Retractable Tape Dog Leashes // Flexi


There’s even a Flexi Black Multi Box that opens from either side to hold treats or bags – one roll included.

, Best Reflective Retractable Tape Dog Leashes // Flexi

And you can even add a Flexi LED Lighting System for white light in front and a rear red light, and can be attached with velcro for right- or left-handed use, and daytime removal.

, Best Reflective Retractable Tape Dog Leashes // Flexi

Solution to Scary Dogs Chasing Us

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Truly, I am in danger of sounding like a commercial. That’s mainly because this device has made it possible for us to comfortably walk our dogs through the neighborhood without fear of being attacked.

We now use the Dazer on dog walks as well as while we are cycling, and you can read all about it here:

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Updated May 16, 2019


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