Dive Trip Packing List – Foolproof Inventory System

, Dive Trip Packing List –  Foolproof Inventory System

This is my actual dive trip list, but even more importantly, I’m going to share a (nearly!) foolproof dive trip inventory system with you.

, Dive Trip Packing List –  Foolproof Inventory System

When you are packing for a dive, copy and paste this list below onto your cell phone in the notes section. Set it so that each item has a checkable bulleted icon – if that’s not possible, just can just type a huge “Y” in front of each item as you pack it.

, Dive Trip Packing List –  Foolproof Inventory System

You start with nothing marked or checked. As you check items off your list – because you might begin packing a week or even a month in advance – either put a check mark by what is packed, or that big “Y.” That is your “loaded” list. 

, Dive Trip Packing List –  Foolproof Inventory System

Now you know what you have packed, and what still needs to be packed.

, Dive Trip Packing List –  Foolproof Inventory System
Yes, I use a laptop bag for my regulator. I already had it, wasn’t using it, and it’s perfect.

Also, when you arrive at your destination and you think you forgot something, you can consult your list – if it’s checked, it’s there somewhere. Not checked? You didn’t bring it.

, Dive Trip Packing List –  Foolproof Inventory System

The next great thing about using a list is that when you get home, as you unpack, uncheck items so the list returns back the the “ready” status.

, Dive Trip Packing List –  Foolproof Inventory System
On the dive boat, headed out to Starfish Island, Belize.

Another great side benefit to this is when you get home, and you are unpacking, and you definitely have checks that you brought, say, your booties. Now you are trying to find them, wash them, and uncheck them. If you can’t find them to uncheck them, then you know you have lost them, and need to replace them before your next dive trip. This is a HUGE benefit to using a checklist. That, and, not forgetting anything important.

, Dive Trip Packing List –  Foolproof Inventory System
I like my bag “stinkin’ with ink” – loads of tags outside, and inside.

You can search online and find dozens of lists, or alter this one. Now, get packing! 

, Dive Trip Packing List –  Foolproof Inventory System


Chap Stick
Blow dryer
Female hygiene stuff
Hair tie
Long Sleeve shirt / coverup
Nasal decongestant
Oral contraceptives
Wetsuit 1mm Bare
Wetsuit 3mm Excel
Wetsuit 5mm Ralf Tech
Wetsuit hanger – folding – Trident


C card – NOT on cell phone! Actual card!
PADI Open Water Card
NAUI Advanced Open Water for deeper/wrecks
DAN – Divers Alert Network – membership card
Nutritious snacks
Sunscreen Stream 2 Sea
Water 💦
Waterproof box with C Card


BCD Zeagle BCD Model Zena
Booties – Akona Seco Self-Bailing Booties
Dive knife
Dive light big Princeton Nav Pack Dive Lights
Dive computer Suunto Zoop
Dive tables
Fins by Aquatic Atomics
Gear bag
Gloves Aqua Lung Admiral III Dive Gloves
Lights Princeton Nav Pack Dive Lights
Line cutter eagle Line Cutter
Mask Atomic Aquatics Frameless 2
Reels Dive Reel from iDive , and Dive Reel from OnlineScuba
Regulator Atomic Aquatics
Safety scissors Zeagle EMT Shears With Sheath
Small flashlight Princeton Nav Pack Dive Lights
Snorkel Atomic Aquatics SV2
Snot / Spit
Surface signal tube Zeagle Safety Sausage from iDive Florida
Weight Soft Weights
Weight bags yellow – two Zeagle Mesh Weight Pouch
Weight bag Akona Dive Weight Bag
Wrist slate Divers Direct Wrist Slate with Pencil
Whistle Divers Direct Scuba Whistle


Camera point and shoot (cheaper than a cell phone if lost!)
Go-Pro camera
Go-Pro dessicant, sticks, batteries
Go-Pro charging cable


Defogger spray
Duct tape and waterproof sealant
Fin buckles and straps
Mask strap or extra mask
Multi tool w adj wrench and hex tool
O ring kit w hi and lo pressure hoses, pick, silicon grease
Regulator mouthpiece
Snorkel keeper
Weight belt or buckle
White trash bag or white working surface
Zip ties or cable ties and bungee
Zipper wax Zipper Cleaner and Lubricant ZIPCARE
First aid kit

Packing Checklists

DAN Basic Packing Checklist
PADI’S Ultimate Scuba Vacation Packing List
Scuba Diver Life’s Ultimate Dive Trip Prep and Packing List – scroll down a bit for the packing list!
Scuba Center.com Sample Packing List
Leisure Pro Scuba Diving Packing List

If there’s anything I’ve left off, please comment below! 

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